Consulting and Guidance

The Wakhlu Advisory (TWA) is a coalition of independent, experienced professionals from diverse domains, who work collaboratively to ensure that organizations receive advice and hands-on guidance – unique to their needs – to enhance capability and improve performance.

The Methodology followed by TWA s is industry and sector agnostic, and relies on the broad ‘6-Plus Step Process’ TM shown below. Depending on the distinctive attributes of the enterprise, and the specific situation that a client organization finds itself in, the ‘6-Plus Step Process’ TM   is tailored to address the conditions of the business; and arrive at lasting remediation measures that are optimal, cost-effective and implementable.

To schedule a conversation around the needs of your organization please feel free to contact,  call or email us.

The 6+ Step Process
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Step 1

Adverse/Negative Performance Elements

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Step 2

Data/Intelligence Capture

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Step 3

Technology & Processes

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Step 4

Analyses & Tests

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Step 5

Syndication & Risk Evaluation

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Step 6

Optimum Remediation

Step 6+